Name: Calvin Yehezkiel Limuel
Education: TKK11, SDK11, SMPK7, SMAK1 PENABUR Jakarta, Berklee College of Music

Occupation: musician, bible researcher, session musician, vocalist, music arranger/composer/teacher, web designer.
Genre: Gospel, jazz, post-bop, neo-bop, avant garde, jazz fusion, latin, funk, R&B, rock, alternative rock, techno, Contemporary Christian Music.
Music Instrument: Keyboards (piano, electric pianos, synthesizers), organs, drums, violin, double bass, bass guitar, vibraphones, guitar, vocals.
Other interests: sound system, sound editing, graphic design, typography, computer, web programming, internet, security, technology, bible, christianity, theology,  eschatology, language, linguistic, math, science, sport, basketball, swimming, chess, photography, Photoshop, animation, Flash, video, fringe science, Fringe, CSI.

Church: GPdI (Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia/Indonesian Pentecostal Revival Fellowship) Ketapang – Jakarta, Heart Change Fellowship (Jamaica Plain, MA), Harvest Foursquare Church/GPdI (Dover, NH)
Denomination: Pentecostal – Foursquare Gospel
Theological basis: GPdI, Pentecostalism, Foursquare Gospel, Calvinism/Arminianism/Molinism

Current Works and Projects:, contributor of @GenOfLight, jazz/avant-garde music, gospel/CCM music.
Past Works and Projects: Conductor/arranger/orchestrator/violin coach/pianist for GPdI Ketapang Orchestra

Twitter: @CalvinLimuel13 (

Disclaimer: Calvin has never received an academical training in any institution for theology and doctrines, but learns everything from his church’s books and more books, and from the internet. The writer is not in any way try to force you to agree with his views (i.e. this is how you Pentecostals or Calvinists should think), but to welcome everyone with different views to discuss and argue, as long as it is biblical. The writer sincerely apologies if there’s any misquotation or false statement of a known teaching/doctrine and please do correct him. 

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