Do Jewish and Muslim worship the same God?

Many people say that Jewish people, Christians, and Muslimin, we all worship the same one God, the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But I don’t believe so. I believe Jewish people and we Christians worship the same God. But I don’t think the same with the Islāmic God.

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The Atheists’ Creed

I’m sorry that I have not been posting in a long time. I have some article concepts in mind and in draft and in progress, but just for now, I’ll leave this post to you. I watched Ravi Zacharias’ lecture/sermon on the topic of “The Incoherence of Atheism” and he quoted English journalist Steve Turner’s poem titled “Creed”. I can’t find any original source but you can find many electronic copies if you search on Google, and the one I pasted here was the one read by Ravi Zacharias in the video. This is a pretty fascinating prose on how do many of us view the world of what it is now. Here it is: Continue reading

Sola Scriptura, How About New Revelations?

I’m sorry guys, I’ve not been updating the website lately. But I’ve been responding to a lot of discussions on Facebook though. Here’s one of the questions, this is discussing about whether there are still new revelations or not:

Barbara A.
One clarification: There is no new revelation. The Lord speaks to us through His Word (the Bible). A truth may be revealed to you while reading the Word of God thus clarifying a thought, a piece of scripture, or something that someone has said to you: The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple (unlearned). Ps 119:130.

Barbara, there are still new revelations. Whether you believe it or not. Yes that revelation may be given through someone, but I believe God still works in supernatural ways, I’m a witness. Some of my friends hear God’s voice audibly, a number of God’s people see visions, including my friend, a number of missionaries still rely on new revelations of where God wants them to go.

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Blogroll: @TanyaAlkitab

TanyaAlkitab adalah bentuk pelayanan di internet dan berbahasa Indonesia, bermula Agustua 2012 dalam bentuk Twitter account dan mulai membuat blog posting Desember 2012. Berkonsentrasi dan ditujukan untuk mayoritas remaja Kristen, hal-hal yang diskusikan dimulai dari hal-hal praktik rohani yang ada dalam Alkitab seperti bagaimana cara berpuasa, sampai berpacaran menurut Alkitab, sampai ajaran-ajaran Alkitab dasar seperti Tritunggal. Dalam akun twitternya juga sering menjawab berbagai pertanyaan-pertanyaan mudah maupun sulit baik tentang merokok, cara menghadapi orang yang membenci kita, dan lain sebagainya.

Saya suka dengan pelayanan hambaNya di @TanyaAlkitab, karena kontennya yang juga mungkin dapat dibilang serupa dengan Bible Apple, tetapi juga berkat Tuhan yang mengalir dari pelayanan ini ke anak-anak muda Indonesia. Oleh karena itu dari post ini saya mau mempromosikan ministry @TanyaAlkitab ini dan merekomendasikannya buat jadi berkat bagi anak-anak muda. Semua bagi kemuliaan nama Tuhan, Haleluya!

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*uhuk2* Mustahil *uhuk* Kristen Bisa Menjawab? *uhuk*

Juli 2010, umat Kristen di Indonesia dikejutkan dengan satu buku yang ditulis oleh seorang mualaf bernama H. Insan Mokoginta, yang berjudul, “Mustahil Kristen Bisa Menjawab”. Buku ini (yang mungkin mau menyaingi buku “Combat Kit” yang ditulis oleh Ahmad Deedat) memuat 11 pertanyaan yang diklaim oleh Mokoginta, tidak akan bisa dijawab oleh orang Kristen manapun. 10 pertanyaan pertama masing-masing bernilai 10 juta berarti total 100 juta rupiah, dan pertanyaan terakhir berhadiah mobil BMW.

Saya terdorong untuk menulis artikel ini, karena memang judulnya “very compelling” untuk dilawan, dan tentunya supaya iman kawan-kawan saya tidak goyah oleh karena buku yang *uhuk2* mustahil *uhuk* ini. Dan memang itulah motivasi saya membuat website BibEL AppEL ini, supaya menjadi sumber bacaan untuk lebih mengenal Alkitab yang kita punya melalui pengajaran-pengajaran, dan apologetika, dan supaya mendekatkan kita kepada Juruselamat kita, Yesus Kristus, melalui artikel-artikel motivational, sermons, dan inspirational.

Kesebelas pertanyaan-pertanyaan di bawah sebenarnya mudah untuk dijawab. Saya pernah melihat pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang lebih sulit lagi, dan itu pun sudah terjawab. Apa mungkin orang sudah ketakutan dulu ya liat kata “mustahil”? Saya yakin banyak ahli Alkitab dan pendeta di tanah air pasti bisa menjawabnya. Anak SMA sama sarjana teknik aja bisa ngejawab kok.

Kesebelas pertanyaan yang akan saya jabarkan, hanya akan saya jabarkan pertanyaan-pertanyaan pokoknya, walau saya menjawab dari keseluruhan, karena ini copyrighted material. Silahkan cari sendiri softcopynya, banyak koq.

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[BA-Debate] Is Jesus Christ, the Son of God? On Zakir Naik

Is Jesus Christ truly the Son of God? Here we will discuss some of the arguments that many muslims use many times and the solutions to them.

It’s been quite a time since I last dissected a text or a video, and commented on every portion of the subject. The last time I did that on a video was on a debate between an internet apologist and a mualaf (an arabic word for a person of another faith to enter current faith, in this case Islam) and you can read it here.

All scriptures are quoted from King James Version unless noted. Greek texts are quoted from Scrivener’s Textus Receptus. Hebrew texts with Niqqud are quoted from Westminster Leningrad Codex obtained from Alquran Text with Tashkil obtained from, with translation from Yusuf Ali

Yesterday I came across a “recommended video” on YouTube, this video ( is about a somewhat prideful and overconfident person and was also Christian confronted Zakir Naik when it was said that Jesus is not the Son of God in the Quran.

Zakir Naik, on the other hand, is a public speaker from India on the subjects of Islam and comparisons to other religions, as well as Islam and science. He was trained as a medical doctor and surgeon before he devoted himself to teach about Islam. His passion to dawah and debates was inspired by Ahmad Deedat mainly, albeit different style and approach. India produced some good Muslim apologists, but many of them use the same wrong answers but managed to convince people that they were true. Of course, because their reasoning is based off the Quran, not the Bible. Continue reading

Music is of the Darkness, Really?

Some people with their “bible knowledge” speak out to “defend their faith” against Christian Contemporary Music. I’ll try to portray Ps. Mark Driscoll’s style, “It would be easier for me to make fun of them.”

Let’s see few points which are being used as a ‘test’ of what Christians should hear according to:

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[GenOfLight] Christians… vs. Tattoo!

What’s your opinion about Tattoo? Are Christians allowed to have tattoos? Seems that Bible forbids you to have tattoos. but look again.

Ok so here’s the deal… Bible does talk about Tattoo.. Lev 19:28. But you cannot take it as raw. If you do a Bible Study, you do something called Exegesis/Hermeneutics, meaning a critical text interpretation. So we have to perceive and and interpret Bible as whole. Continue reading

How to Commit Sin for Dummies

Seriously, you’re not reading this because you don’t know how to commit sin, right? It’s in our nature!

You know the story of human’s fall into sin, right? I think you all have known this story since Sunday School. When you learn about it at Sunday School, you know that Adam and Eve fell into sin because they were seduced by the devil then they ate the forbidden fruit, right? You might read or learn elsewhere that they fell into sin because of the want of being the same as God. Are those all? Let’s study this story deeper guys. Continue reading

Secular Music against Christianity?

This is a question from a church forum on Facebook:

Is it unrighteous for a Christian to like secular music? To be honest, there should be no music listeners who only listens to Gospel music. But there are some people who put a standard that people who still listen to secular music are unrepentant.

I said in my mind, Come now, I will prove you with mirth and test you with pleasure; so have a good time [enjoy pleasure]. But this also was vanity (emptiness, falsity, and futility)! – Ecclesiastes 2:1 (AMP)

As a church musician whose plan is to pursue jazz music studies in the United States, of course I’ll answer, well that’s certainly OK. But we should look up our Bible, to not to be subjective, that says all things are lawful but not all expedient (1 Corinthians 6:12). The Bible also honors tradition of men, of course as long as it doesn’t fail the scriptures (Matthew 15:3, Acts 15:19-21, 1 Corinthians 9:19-23, Galatians 1:4).

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